Dong Secuya

s a child, Dong Secuya exactly knew what he wanted to do with his life--to be an artist. However, life does not always travel in a straight line. Endowed with a curious and adventurous disposition coupled with life's responsibilities, Secuya had ventured out into other fields, specifically the business professions where he gradually rose from the ranks. He held various positions as an accountant, computer analyst and programmer, and as an administrative officer.

           But this corporate success is not the end of the road. At this point, Secuya felt an unwholesome, alienating effects of the big city's business life that he changed course to the source--to devote himself back to painting.

           In Cebu, Secuya easily assimilated with prominent artists and is now actively involve with the CAI program of activities. Since 1991, he participated in twenty-one group shows, 18 held in Cebu and 3 in Manila.

           With renewed spirit, Secuya consistently paints in oil, portraying typical scenes of rural life in the country. His landscapes convey a sense of life's rawness, often tranquil, serene and, sometimes, verging to the romantic. For him, painting is a world of one's intimation to the transitory aspects of life and its human condition.

           Moreover, Secuya's art continually probes to other creative frontiers. As a programmer and analyst he made the initiative to access the CAI group to the Internet, a landmark as being the first art organization in the Philippines to do so.

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