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In my eyes your "CAI Art Gallery" page is an Award worth, because it's excellence in design & in HTML-programing, therefore I've chosen it for the "WEB OSCAR".

-- Vuudy Dang

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"The Diamond Award For HomePage Elegance is bestowed on pages which Starr Lyn, in her opinion, finds to be of outstanding layout and design. This page has been examined by Starr Lyn and has been found to answer to the highest standards in page layout and design. Congratulations!"

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CAI Art Gallery

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How could I forget? After all these times, I sort of ignored this brilliant gem among Philippine sites, when it should have been up there in the firmament. I thought that I did already choose it as a best site, but apparently not. I took it for granted because it really goes without saying already. CAI Gallery = excellence.

-- Ken Ilio

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